Little Dipper & Ladle Lift Device

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Little Dipper Motorized

D&E Foundry Little Dipper is available in 50, 100, and 150-pound Aluminum capacity. (150-pound shown) Other capacities by request.

The Ladle is designed to dip into a furnace while keeping the tilt hardware out of the molten metal. The “Little Dipper Motorized” is equipped with an Actuator to power tilt the ladle.


Ladle Lift Device

The Model LD-2000-42 Lift Device is a self-contained, 12VDC powered ladle lift. The unit features a 2” bore x 42” stroke cylinder fed by a 2500 psi 12 VDC power supply and is capable of lifting a maximum of 4,500 Lbs.

The Hydraulic system comes filled with a Fire Safe hydraulic fluid and it is important to use a compatible fluid when refilling.