Super 6PM Model Crusher

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No longer offering this unit in 115 volt.

The Super 6PM opens, empties (by EPA definition) and crushes full cans and pails with lids on in twenty seconds or less!  The Super 6PM can handle a wide variety of container types and sizes ranging form pints to 6-gallons and has the ability to open, empty and crush up to 180 containers per hour!




Crushing Force: 30,000 pounds
Crushing Chamber: 16″ w x 16″ d x 18″ h
Cycle Time: 12 to 20 seconds
Shipping Weight: 1,810 lbs.
Warranty: 6 month on all materials and workmanship Power System Options
• 1-1/2 hp, 230V, 1ph 20/10A
• 5 hp, 208-230/460 V, 3ph 11-10/5A