We are so much more than Foundry Ladles and Can Crushers!

TeeMark Manufacturing has also branched out with our new Plasma Table. With the use of this table we can produce custom cut metal signs, fire rings, etching and so much more. Have a project that needs custom metal work? Give us a call!


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Recently TeeMark MFG has been fabricating Custom Cut fire rings, we are able to make them all shapes and sizes. With our Plasma table we have the ability to cut designs, patterns and names into the material. There are very few limitations on what designs can be cut, we are happy to work with our customers to find the right one for them.

                For the design process the customer can send the design or image of their choice to TeeMark MFG and then we are able to modify it with the help of a computer system to make sure that the integrity of the metal is not compromised, we want to make sure that the final product withstands being moved and normal use. From this point the customer is able to choose the size and style of the fire ring, from the basic round ring to a more complicated shape that requires pieces welded together.

                Once the style and design has been decided the images are cut using the Plasma table, then the metal is either welded together then rolled to shape or welded into the desired shape. The next step in the process is that they are coated with a high temperature paint to protect the metal. Depending on size, shape and intricacy of design price and production time will vary.

Below are three different shaped fire rings that TeeMark has recently fabricated, also on our flyer we have an example of a fire pit designed to sit on a patio with a removable grate.




Along with these fire rings we also have the ability to make Custom Cut signs. These as well can range in size and design based on the customers choosing. These would be perfect for an entrance to your home, business, deer camp or just as a decoration in your home or man cave. The signs do not have to be square in shape, they can be cut to what you want. Below are some examples of designs that we have cut, again there are more examples on our flyer.