D&E Ladles

“Ladles Designed By Foundrymen For Foundrymen”

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TeeMark manufactures a full-line of D&E Foundry Ladles, both standard and custom designed products ranging in sizes up to 30,000 pounds. These D&E Ladles incorporate design innovations such as:

  • Double enveloping worm gears for greater strength with reduced backlash.
  • Renewable Trunnion Bearing (TRUNNION BLOCK PARTS LIST) wear surfaces that eliminate shaft scoring for longer ladle life and smooth ladle rotation.
  • Replaceable / Spare Ladle Bottoms on certain models for lower refractory costs and ease of maintenance.

D&E Foundry products was the original production line that grew out of the foundry consulting business started in Easton Pennsylvania in 1978. Wendell Dickmeyer and Tom Eberhardt, the “D” and “E” principals of the division, brought extensive foundry operating experience to their consulting practice. In 1982, they realized their D&E clients needed a better way to make ductile iron. Thus the “Tight Cover” ductile iron treatment ladle was developed specifically to meet their needs.

D&E Foundry Ladles, now part of TeeMark Manufacturing, remains a global leader in the design/build process for a full line of ladles, with special emphasis and expertise in ductile iron treatment and custom applications.

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Don’t forget that TeeMark also Repairs Ladles! We not only repair our own ladles but those of our competitors, so if you are having trouble with your ladles contact TeeMark today!