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Custom Ladles, Accessories & Features – Ladles Designed By Foundrymen For Foundrymen

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Custom Designed & Modified Ladles

Ladle Accessories

Innovative Features

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Custom Designed & Modified Ladles

Above pictured, a Custom Design Side Pour Ladle

Nearly all of the ladles manufactured by D&E Foundry Ladles, a division of Teemark Manufacturing, are custom made, from design and engineering right down to production. Our custom ladles are either built to customer specifications or are a standard design that is modified to meet specific needs.
Our custom and modified ladles make the most practical sense for companies in the foundry industry. This is in part to special features working best when they are “built-in” rather than “added-on.” Ladle balance, for instance, can be affected by modifications occurring at the end-use foundry; balance issues are best handled at the original factory. TeeMark, as the parent company, and D&E, as the manufacturing division, take ladle customization and development extremely serious. One of the numerous reasons only the best designers, engineers and foundrymen are retained as part of the TeeMark/D&E team.
As all facets of the foundry industry change, you can rely on TeeMark and D&E to stay ahead of the curve, developing sound solutions for advanced problems. So if you do not find the correct ladle configuration to meet your needs, contact us – our Engineering Department would be pleased to work with you.


Ladle Accessories
At D&E Foundry Ladles we manufacture a complete selection of ladle accessories. Some are specifically designed for our Process Ladles, while others will improve the performance of any ladle.

Accessories for Process Ladles:

Spare Ladle Bottoms – The reactions in process ladles occur primarily in the bottom of the ladle. This subjects the bottom refractory to more wear than the rest of the ladle and means more maintenance of the bottom is required. This maintenance is greatly facilitated when a spare bottom is available.
Spare Refractory Plug Assembly for Tight Cover Ladles – The refractory lined swing cover closes the port for pour out, alloy addition and slagging. The spare allows the assembly to be replaced without incurring downtime.
Preheat Torch For Tight Cover Ladles – Preheating of Tight-Cover Ladles presents some special challenges because the ladle is covered and access is limited. This preheat torch is designed to work effectively within those limitations.
Pail Top Funnel For Tight Cover Ladles – The pail top funnel simplifies alloy addition to covered ladles. Recommended for ladles through 6000-lb. capacity.

Accessories for All Ladles:

Ladle Lining Forms – Custom made for each ladle, these forms guarantee a consistent lining thickness and low labor cost. Refractory can be rammed, cast, or vibrated.
Motorized Gear Tilt – All ladles are available with motorized gear tilt features. The motors are typically electric, but air and hydraulic models are also available.
Ladle Cradles – Cradles are available to hold ladles for pouring. Special forklift cradles are also available for transport and pouring.
Replacement Ladle Tilt Gearing – All D&E Foundry Products’ gearboxes are built with Cone Drive double enveloping worm gears. They combine low backlash and great strength. This means that foundries may be able to replace other manufacturers’ worn or damaged gearboxes with high quality D&E gearing that guarantees long life and superior ladle control. See Innovative Features for more information about our ladle tilt gearing.
Low Headroom Bail Option – All D&E ladles are available with a low headroom bail at no additional cost. These bails reduce vertical operating space requirements by 8 to 15 inches. This is accomplished by eliminating the hook-eye and capturing the hook with a removable pin that is inserted between the horizontal bail channels as illustrated.
Innovative Features
D&E Tilt Gearing
BDP Breaking System
Renewable Turnnion Bearings
Hydraulic Ladle
Long Reach Ladle
Cylindrical Ladle
D&E High Speed Gearing

D&E Tilt Gearing

• World-renowned Dodge Gearbox on ladles with 5,000 lb. iron capacity or larger
• Increased efficiency to reduce the hand wheel forces
• Improved gear reduction to decrease the number of turns on the Hand Wheel from full to empty


BDP Breaking System
D&E has developed a unique BDP braking system:

• Releases when less than 5-pounds of force is applied in either direction
• When pressure is released, the ladle stops rotating and maintains position until pressure is again applied.
Average Hand Wheel Forces: between 5-pounds and 20-pounds; some exceptions in ladles larger than 20,000 pound iron capacity, may see hand wheel forces up to 25-pounds.


D&E Renewable Turnnion Bearings

The wear surfaces in the trunnion bearing are the bronze bushing and the bearing block. Both bearing surfaces can easily be replaced. The bronze bushing is held in place on the shaft by the bearing retaining pins. The pinned bushing also locks the bearing assembly onto the trunnion, preventing side-to-side motion on the shaft.


Hydraulic Ladle

Fork truck mounted ladles feature hydraulic operation utilizing the fork truck hydraulics. These ladles can be operated from the seat of the fork truck. Range of motion includes 90-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical rotation. Hydraulics are equipped with quick disconnects for easy removal.


Long Reach Ladle

Long Reach ladles offer a solution to the reach problem without moving the Monorail. The distance from the centerline of the Monorail to the most distant sprue cup determines the length of the spout. These spouts are removable, making them compatible with the pre-cast ladle liners. With the long reach spout, the ladle can also be emptied in as little as 30-degrees.


Cylindrical Ladle

The Cylindrical ladle is designed to split into two pieces to aid in the relining process. A lining form is available to simplify the process and provide consistent refractory thickness while reducing labor costs.
These ladles come standard with hand tilt gearing and are available with optional motorized tilt in AC or DC power. Cylindrical ladles are available in sizes that range from 600 to 1,500-pounds of Aluminum.


D&E High Speed Gearing

D&E Foundry Ladles of 800-pound iron capacity and smaller offer a 1:4 ratio. This gear ratio offers greater safety and ergonomics over the Hand Tilt Ladles. The 1:4 gear ratio provides 90-degree rotation in as little as 2 revolutions for the hand wheel.
Quick response and self-locking gearing mean safer operation and reduced fatigue, providing increased production. The self-locking gearing stops the ladle when pressure is removed from the hand wheel, and the ladle remains in that position.