Waste Compaction

Whether your waste compaction needs include volume reduction, cost reduction, or recycling preparation, TeeMark can deliver. In fact, most of our compaction devices, whether for paint pails, aerosol cans or large gallon drums, will meet all of the above-mentioned needs.

  • Our Packer/Crushers use up to 150,000 pounds of adjustable hydraulic force to crush drums as large as 110-gallons.
  • Crushers, ranging in use for small aerosol cans up to large 110-gallon drums, assist professional waste management companies in disposing of hazardous chemicals and waste.
  • TeeMark Crushers help prepare containers (paint cans, paint pails, aerosol cans, 55-gallon drums and drums up to 110-gallons in size) and their contents for recycling or proper disposal.
  • Our Waste Compactors or Packers, pack hazardous waste material into drums for disposal or incineration purposes.
  • Many of our waste compaction and crusher machines are available in portable or stationary models with explosion proof features.

Did You Know….

  • Disposal of one 55-gallon drum of hazardous waste can cost up to $1,000.00!
  • Drum compaction can reduce disposal volume and costs by 30%-80%.
  • TeeMark’s Can and Drum Crushers can turn drum liabilities into assets – clean, crushed drums are recyclable and are a valuable commodity at the scrap market.